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Bluetooth privacy is mostly ignored, so you're beaming yourself to the world

Jonathan Richards 1 Silver badge

>>iBeacons would be useless to advertisers

> Perish the thought...

And this is it, isn't it. No longer do designers [1] of consumer electronics design functionality for the use, convenience and life-enhancing purposes of the people who buy them, they design with a view to extracting ongoing revenue streams from those purchasers, mostly by selling their location, movements, information-consuming habits, health data and anything else they can lay their virtual hands on, to advertisers. [2]

Perish the thought, indeed, that one might build a Bluetooth device properly designed so that it communicates securely with only the paired device it is meant for. Or a browser that reads a web page without blabbing on the reader. Or a watch that sits on one's wrist and just, I don't know, tells the bloody time to the owner of the wrist.

[1] Well, designers who have a paying job

[2] Sorry, that sentence was too long. Take a breath.

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