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" ban stuff like Tor is a stupid plan as its difficult to do and would make the jobs of police, etc, harder in practice....." Very much so if TOR is already owned as much as suspected. Trying to be clever with what happens with routing inside the TOR network is like closing the barn door after the horse has been taken to the glue factory! Pretty silly if The Man already owns the majority of entry and exit nodes and can game the listings of "best" entry node that your client uses to choose its entry point. Remember, the spooks are interested in who the "bad people" are talking to, not necessarily what is in every message, and what a great way to draw attention to yourself by firing up a TOR client browser, information available from your ISP's connection (or from Google if you did a search from your TOR client browser). Much easier to then remotely or physically hack your system and read your unencrypted copy rather than try and catch your message in the TOR network. And if all else fails, decryption by waterboarding is a lot more efficient than trying to crack top-end encryption. Why on Earth would the spooks want to lose that simple way of identifying "persons of interest" that scanning for TOR users presents?

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