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No time to miss it, I'm still using it! The Macromedia incarnation, in a VM, that is. I learned vector art on it (really top-flight documentation), and it's served me well for years.

Sadly I do find it's getting less reliable importing newer Illustrator files these days, so I'm trying to replace it with a combo of Inkscape and Scribus for pre-press work. Inkscape is still a bit flakey, but it's improved a lot: its trace tool, for one, is nicer to use than Freehand's these days. It's also a really good showcase app for FOSS: I always install it for family and friends when I'm sprucing up their Windows machines, and have had many fun hours (fun for both parties, I'm relieved to say) letting them loose on it.

Would be nice if it spoke CMYK, but there's always Scribus and good old Photoshop (7.0!) for that.

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