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Re: Sir ...... and the Embarrassment of Riches in Virtual Store and Great Game Compendia

"IT remains a ludicrous and most lucrative speciality which resists all attempts at commoditization"

I used to think that about firewalls in general, and I suppose it has taken a long time for the youngsters to be nipping at my heels (I should have been feeling that 10 years ago!) but I think the tools will become more streamlined and integrated, allowing lower skill levels to at least take part, if not excel.

" are they fully deserving of the penalties that result from not having the best that is available."

If this were just some international company then they could live or die by their decisions and only their stakeholders and employees would be in the firing line. Unfortunately the impact of a serious hack on this particular client could have knock-on effects to us all in more ways that I can contemplate. Think half a dozen boulders thrown into a very deep lake of irregular shape, the ripples would be felt for some time. I can only advise however, not dictate, but I continue to resist all attempts at shoddy solutions in the face of extreme bureaucracy :)

"a stroll on the other side of the fence"

I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to break in to my solutions, including leveraging my privileged access and knowledge. As long as I can stop myself breaking in and nicking all the cookies it should stand a reasonable chance against an outsider, assuming they are not a state player of course - I make no such assumptions on that score ;)

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