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Re: Sir ...... and the Embarrassment of Riches in Virtual Store and Great Game Compendia

That was a very generous, selfless share, Sir Runcible Spoon. Thanks. It is much appreciated.

With particular and peculiar regard to the next levels and security intelligence - the application of security in complex environments - which requires specialist tools and knowledge - neither of which come cheap, is the likelihood more apt to be that its IT remains a ludicrous and most lucrative speciality which resists all attempts at commoditization ..... with applications benefitting from its effective and efficient specialist skillsets ensuring and assuring all is not betrayed to lower and lesser levels of competence.

And if multi billion dollar companies don't want to pay top dollar for the best that is available, are they fully deserving of the penalties that result from not having the best that is available.

Oh, and who else believes that one cannot effectively and efficiently secure against cyber threats and virtual infiltrations and exfiltrations unless one can successfully quite anonymously carry out such operations with the desired results available for delivery to markets/deep pools/dark webs. Such itself ..... a stroll on the other side of the fence with adventuring into the erotic and exotic and exciting alternative regimes ..... can also be addictively attractive and fabulously rewarding and create something of a dilemma for the weak and foolhardy or tired and neglected.

To be, or not to be with AI, a fading to grey and black hat.

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