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More of the Blindingly Obvious from Gartner

It's hard to judge what he's talking about without more context, but the bit about "it is not a cloud management tool" seems to be the main point. Yes, it isn't a management tool and it isn't supposed to be. The management tools are provided by other people. For example, if you use Ubuntu's OpenStack implementation, then you use their management tools. It's too early in "private cloud" evolution for the management tools to have become a commodity yet.

As for "working with the stack is not straightforward" is sort of missing the point. Building your own Linux OS by downloading the sources from the various developer repos isn't straightforward either. Perhaps that's why most users don't do that. They use a ready made distro from Red Hat, Suse, or someone else instead. The same will be true for OpenStack. Pick a vendor supported release, don't build your own unless you are Amazon or Google.

And "Gartner sees mainly large organisations trying OpenStack"? Wow, big organizations use software meant for big data centres. Who would have thought that? Next Gartner will be telling us that IBM mainframe salesmen are having difficulty penetrating the lemonade stand market.

Meanwhile, el Reg has another story detailing how Microsoft is thrashing about with different versions of Azure trying to find something that will work in the private cloud market. They're running into the same problem that everyone else is in this market, which is trying to define some actual benefits for smaller customers.

For the average user, any cloud system, OpenStack included, is something which someone else puts together for you. It's sort of like the next level of operating system. Eventually this sort of thing will percolate down to smaller scale systems in push-button form, but possibly with something else (e.g. Docker) layered on top of it.

At the moment however, it would probably be a good idea for people working in the IT industry to download some of the free "cloud" systems and give them a spin to get familiar with the technology first hand.

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