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OpenStack private clouds are SCIENCE PROJECTS says Gartner

Adam R

Yet again Gartner miss the point!

I'm always suspicious of Gartner when it comes to cloud computing, I have never get the impression they really understand what its all about.

TBH their comments about OpenStack could be applied to ANY private cloud software (proprietary or open source). There are very few successful platforms mostly because the guys designing them (usually with the "advice" of Gartner et al) never think through the actual use cases, so end up building a platform that has no value to end users because they are locked into the usual IT department echo chamber. It becomes yet another "transformation" massive project that's all about jobs for consultants and ultimately changes nothing for the actual users.

Public cloud platforms (by which I mean AWS) are successful because they targeted the developers and application code and made it easy for them to deploy and run applications. With that in mind there are plenty of platforms that give the users what they want (maybe not what IT think they want, which is the problem) and don't require a huge amount of integration or effort.

OpenStack is actually one of them and there are enough distributions out there now that are easy to set up and use (at least for core functionality) that I wonder what research Waite actually did!

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