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Can you take them on for me too. I had £89 credit on my account and someone hacked it and used the credit on rubbish games and wallpapers. I contacted them and was told they would investigate. I received a phone call and was told they couldnt do anything to help and it was my responsibility for the security of my account, They had the serial number of the attacker but would not tell me more.

I have sent an email complaining and also telling them of the American who had been hacked and was told $150 could be reimbursed so why cant I. I have not downloaded the games. They say its because its all digital, but they can see I havent downloaded so just take it off my account and give me it back. I could understand if it was a physical copy but digital!! It doesnt cost anything to take it off the list especially as they can see it has not been downloaded.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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