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IBM trades cold comfort for hot air in Microsoft-AWS slugfest

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Anonymous Coward

One of the truisms of cloud adoption, and particularly public cloud adoption, has been that it’s partly a way for the enterprise to get stuff done without involving IT

It's also a way for chilling out the CFO.

1) CFO looks at numbers, which convey "something" as there are several digits too many for his earthly tastes listed under "IT expenditures"

2) "IT is spending too much! What are you guys doing? Can't you reduce headcount? And where is the CAPEX numbers?"

3) "Sorry, all the stuff is on AWS, we just have a guy formely expert in deep-frying mars bars, now monitoring red lights on the console and a dude with a repair kit sometimes going round the offices"

4) "Oh, ok" (continues to hunt for other victims)

5) "Miss Bechum, please bring me a coffee and a cheese danish to liven up this dreary conversation"

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