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Using half a litre of glue to hold your product together does not count as solid.

Deliberately setting internal cooling fans in iMacs to low speed so they don't make horrible "whirring" sounds as they speed up when the chipsets overheat, thus causing damage, is not "solid".

Failing to take into account how phones are held by the majority of people around the world is not solid.

The rest of my family, excepting my thick as shit garbo collector cousin, all went for Apple. He went for Android. He is the only one I don't have to support, as he is the one who went for functionality over form, has not infested his computer with the bloated warthog which is iTunes, and actually thinks before he goes along and downloads anything onto his phone.

The rest of them have fallen into the reality distortion field that Apple produces, and are constantly calling for help with their beloved product. They also complained bitterly when I started refusing to perform hardware repairs for them, until I showed them the various tear-down videos of the products, and then they understood my refusal. I am not going to spend hours cleaning glue off their iShiney components just so it can be put back together again with even more glue. They are now waiting for their various contracts to come to an end, so we can do a bulk buy on handsets which meet both their needs, and that of the person who they will call for support.

So yes, I do have experience with the iProducts. None of it good.

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