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After a couple of false starts I did get a proper email from TomTom that answered the questions I asked them, see below for my email and their response:

My Email: --------------------------------------------------------------------

I feel that six months notice of the removal of this service is not enough and feel that customers with a 'lifetime' App should instead be given 2-3 years notice, in the same way that Microsoft had to give decent notice that WindowsXP was going to be finally dropped in April.

I would also like clarification on what 'no longer supported' actually means:

1. Will the app be automatically removed from my device by TomTom?

2. Will the app still work until such time as I change to a newer incompatible version of Android?

3. Will I still be able to install this older app onto a new device, at my own risk?

4. If the app will no longer be able to be installed can you provide me an APK file so that I can install it manually?

I see that you have now released a replacement for this app (which some would argue is really an update to the existing one) that appears to now charge you per mile of route guidance/traffic. Perhaps you could also answer some questions on this too:

1. It states that you have 50 free miles of guidance/traffic per month, what is the charge after the 50 miles have been used?

2. Is the 50 mile limit on just the traffic or is it routing as well?

3. If it's routing as well as traffic how will this work on a unit with no mobile data allowance?

4. I see you have released a cheap upgrade offer for existing users but I cannot see any mention of what this full version is going to cost after the three years are up, what are these prices?

Response: --------------------------------------------------------------------

I appreciate your feeling on the timeframes involved. I can only state that our announcement period coincides with the Google Play store requirements, and as this is a singular app, vs an operating system of computer systems and servers used by billions worldwide there are some scale differences, that I am sure were consdidered when determine how long the announcement period would be.

For clarifications on the concerns you've raised ( I'll enumerate the answers the same )

Q1: The app will not be removed from your device by TomTom ( we not have have this capacity at all ).

Q2: The app will continue to work as is on your current version of Android

Q3: You can continue to install the app from your Google Library provided that the phone is compatible.

Q4: We are not able / will not be furnishing APKs for manual installation

For the questions you've raised about the new app ( again I'll use the same numbers to try and keep everything together )

Q1: After the 50 free miles per month, the only option is to upgrade to the unlimted unlock or wait until the month rolls over. There is no monthly 'short term upgrade option' The upgrade option is available in 1 year or 3 year terms.

Q2: The 50 miles is on 'routing' Traffic & Camera information is included in routing natively. It is no longer a separate service.

Q3: If there is no data allowance at all with which to verify the licensee then the app will revert to the 'free' version and will show the remaining allowance of the 50/per month.

Q4: For UK Customers the full version is 14.99 / 1 year 34.99/3 year after the initial 3 year term for existing users, or for new buyers.

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