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Apple is going the way of IBM

It would be interesting to see an org-chart at Apple and see how many people are doing actual productive engineering over there. One of Ericsson's technologies is the software architecture formed around iOS - if Apple really wants to go to war over this, they'd better be prepared to do some actual engineering and come up with their own architecture.

Apple is mainly a system integrator, for them to be attacked by the company that builds one of those systems is a big concern, and it's an open question how much damage this could do. It's obvious Ericsson has been trying for a long time to get this resolved like adults, but sometimes American companies only understand legal attacks - like we see with Google, Facebook, etc, they live in a river of money and eventually they become deluded that they are the source of all their success, when measured against a real company like Ericsson, they might just be a flash in the pan, their revenua a byproduct of Wall Street economics more than their own merit.

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