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Apple designs the A9 etc. SoC from the ground up, they have a foundry such as TSMC (A8) or Samsung (A7 and rumored for A9) stamp them out by the millions.

The 2G/LTE functionality is not in that SoC, however, it is in the Qualcomm modem chip. In the past, Qualcomm licensed the patents so Apple, Samsung and others who use their modem chips didn't have to deal with that. But a few years ago certain licensees decided to not license to the chipmakers for 2% (or whatever) of the chip's price and try to move up the chain and extort for 2% of the phone's retail price (giving them about 50x increase in licensing revenue)

I have no idea if that's what the dispute with Erisson is, but that is what Motorola tried to do to Apple and Microsoft and got slapped down by courts in the US and EU.

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