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Re: It it to do with the selling price I bet

FRAND means that you can't charge one company double or tripple what you charge another for the same thing.

If a FRAND Patent holder decides that their Licensee can pay a whole lot more because their use of their patent is bringing home lots of $$$$ then the Licensee is right to say nope. That is what the F (FAIR) stands for.

At the moment we don't know (and may never know) what the sticking points of the negociations were in this case. We shall just have to wait while the shysters (aka Lawyers) on both sides get in the ring and try to beat the hell out of the other side.

Also, it would not be unknown for a patent holder to jack up the license fees on a patent that is about to expire.

It is also interesting that ther case is here in the EU and not in East Texas. It sounds to me that they really don''t want victory in court but a settlement.

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