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Attackers target new XSS in millions of WordPress sites

SImon Hobson Silver badge

I'm not a programmer, and I haven't looked at the code involved ...

Such things are often obvious when looked at "from the outside" or with a fresh pair of eyes. A few times I've come back later (could be days, could be years) to look at some script I knocked up - and found myself wondering why on earth I did it that way :-/ Not just scripts on the computer - many a time I've either been stuck for how to do something and only thought of the way when I've given up for a cup of tea; or found a way and wondered the next day why I made it so hard.

And if you do any writing, always get someone else (ideally who isn't connected with it) to proof read it. You can read through it many times yourself - and another proof reader will find some "how did I miss that !" typos. That's just the way the human brain works.

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