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As a Win 7 and Linux User ...

Say I'm a techie, looking for a new computer (Which I am), and I'm looking for something that's going to meet all my entertainment and production needs (which it needs to do), why should I get/build a PC with Win 10, when I can build a PC cheaper with Linux, or be happy with an Apple?

This isn't even a price thing (Hence the Apple consideration). I still have not read anything from MS that's mind blowing, I want that "feature".

-- Faster boot times? Big deal, I rarely shut down my machine, and I'm a Sys Admin, which means I have the patients for that extra 30 sec.

-- Look and Feel? Apples got it, and I can customize my Linux to have too.

-- Games? All the ones I play have Mac run times, or I have been able to use WINE.

-- Killer App? I don't see the next killer app being MS exclusive without being heavily "persuaded" by MS.

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