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Charles Manning

Why I don't want to be their kind of "tech enthusiast"

I am not a luddite. I have been developing software and embedded systems for over 30 years.

I **like** software. I **like** new software when it enables new things to be accomplished.

However sw is a TOOL. It must be useful. Just changing sw for the sake of change and for no good use is not exciting.

Their type of "tech enthusiast" is the sort of person that gets a stiffy from knowing that ALT-CTRL-X does something on Win8.x that. They're the sort of people who do case mods and their script kiddy mates think they are technically awsome.

For 90+% of people, PC software is a TOOL. It must function and must do it's job well.

You can take away my hand screwdriver if you give me something that is functionally better and easy to learn (eg. a battery screwdriver). What MS have done is take away my screwdriver and replace it with hammer and told me to stop using screws and I must now nail everything together.

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