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Apathy continues to overwhelm effort to create an internet ungoverned by America

Steve Knox


The NSA and GCHQ (and the various other state and commercial interests that are also amassing databases of personal information) are able to do what they are doing because of the physical and technical structure of the internet, not because of any nation's governance of it.

Yes, much of that technical design comes from US sources, and a lot of it allows for or is vulnerable to snooping, but that owes more to the origin rather than the current running of the internet. For the majority of the internet's existence, security was a secondary concern if it was considered at all, and many systems, from core routers to social websites, are still designed for efficiency or prettiness first, with security added as an afterthought.

Take over the governance of the internet, please. It's a massive headache which will ensure that everyone hates you no matter which decisions you make. But don't expect it to give you any capability to affect real change in security. Whatever authority you think you'd have to affect snooping would require nation-states to surrender sovereignty to your body and/or fess up to what they have been doing, and that ain't gonna happen.

But the only way politicians know to solve problems is to try to snatch whatever they perceive as power and clutch it to their breasts like jealous magpies.

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