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Apathy continues to overwhelm effort to create an internet ungoverned by America

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Is it any surprise? For most people the depths of management of the internet is a random construction of vague titles for which most have no understanding or care. No-one understands the roles of the variously acronym'd bodies, their roles or relationships. Take the current row over ICANN / IANA. Who of the great Joe Public understands that or cares? Or worries about the link between the argument there and the discussion here? No-one. Or at least no-one outside the bickering internal strife ridden self-elected elite who pretend to rule the internet benevolently for all, but in reality have nothing but an eye for the personal main chance.

The average member of the public doesn't even understand the debate over net neutrality, so expecting anyone to comment on the self-indulgent shite proposals discussed in the article is an absurdity.

In reality the whole internet management structure needs nuking and replacing with a new set of bodies and officials, and if they have to be USA government appointed because thats the only way to keep them straight, legal and legit (morally as well as legally) then so be it. Better that than it rolls over into another financial quagmire of vanishing money-pit sink holes like the UN or European Union.

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