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Windows as a "Service"

Renting use of Windows based on the monthly fee might work in the corporate setting. However, in the personal computer sphere I see a lot of problems.

For example, I don't want to rent Windows, only to find the monthly fee goes up, up, up to the sky in short order just like the cable bill and all the other utilities. Renting Windows will work to the extent there is no other viable alternative. But there are alternatives!

There's Linux for super geeks, but Apple has iOs it's phones, ipads and Mac for the masses with totally a totally free OS. And let's not forget the Google/Android FREE OS, either.

And they work.

I like that.

A lot.

Another issue is the privacy/security issue. Once you agree to pay the monthly fee, you also agree to let them have your identity totally as well copy, slice, dice, store, sell, or give away any and all of your keystrokes/swipes to anyone for any reason. After all, you are using THEIR stuff. You don't own it.

In short, Windows as a Service is a Big Win for Big Brother.

My take is MS has abandoned individuals in favor of angling to hook the corporate world to it's service and monthly fees. Maybe that will work. Or maybe not.

Generally, I think smart phones and tablets running Android or iOs are the future of personal computing, however.

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