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I travel lots for my job. I'm middle aged with wife and two kids and am more 'business' than tech these days. I also rarely comment on here which puts me into the probable silent real-world majority of their target market. I even bought my SatNav by going into a Halfords store. <gasp>

Possibly not your normal poster on here. :-)

I have a plush car with built-in TMS SatNav. I have a suitable smartphone. Two in fact.

And yet I still use stand-alone TomTom because I have found it to work far better at the built-in SatNav - especially at getting around real-life traffic problems. The 'Live' features of TomTom are far better than built-in.

Yes, my phone could probably do the same/similar, but I prefer having a dedicated screen for my SatNav which allows me to call/txt/email (when passenger, of course) without reaching up to the mount.

I've also used Garmin et al, but my preference is for TomTom.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm really happy with this new announcement...! I'll be able to sort the route on my phone while getting the kids ready for school and not have to try and enter today's destination while driving and telling little Johnny to stop teasing his sister and avoiding the neighbour's cat and putting on the Frozen music. Again.

I think TomTom's business plan is intact despite the other derisory comments above. :-)


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