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Tom Tom are s*#t

Dumbass routing! Travelling back from York to Midlands it always tries (very insistently) to send me down the A1M and M18 and doesn't shut up til I'm way past Barnsley! Granted its about 6 miles longer via the M1 but come on! 3 lane motorway vs 2 lane A road with truck sand self-appointed coppers in the outside lane. Duh!

Useless live traffic! Just renewed the service (only because it was on special offer) because I'm in and out of Brum 3 times a week. It still tries to send me down the A38 Aston "Expressway" even though it takes over an hour to get to the M6. Ring-road around to the A45 is 9 times out of 10 better. I thought it was supposed to get real-time info from speed and density traffic sensors. S*#t S*#t S*#t

Anything better?

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