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Iceland Is Another Country

There is a "Scandinavian" country not mentioned here; one that could really do with the money. Iceland.

More totally green hydro electricity than any reasonable person could want, bags of cold places/water with which to keep server farms cool (you could probably just leave the windows open in the winter) and more unused land than you could shake a stick at.

An island, so security - who's coming and going - is very easy to maintain.

Handily placed for internet wiring being mid Atlantic with, one imagines, many cables already running to it or nearby.

Quasi EU status might mean that data stored on servers there remained within the EU for the purposes of public procurement. (One for the lawyers).

Intelligent, well-educated, mostly English speaking populace. Six hours from Washington DC (Helsinki is 9), 3 from London (same for Helsinki).

What's not to like? Apart from the occasional volcano/earthquake... And the fish...

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