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It's too bad most of those don't have upgradable CPUs

All or almost all of the laptops including the latest MSI and Asus laptops just offer soldered CPUs, not socketed. This means you cannot have a 4940MX Haswell Extreme CPU in these laptops, which offers wicked fast X86 performance especially when you overclock with Throttlestop. Asus used to have a socketed CPU in their top of the line gaming laptop, I think the Asus G75, but after that, soldered.

MSI's GT60 and GT70 laptops, which are only a year or two old, heck even has Intel Haswell inside, has a socketed CPU. But their newest laptops like the GT72 and the GT80 (Which is marketed to be super upgradable) does not!

It's a trend, and I think it is via pressure by Intel. These big computer companies won't admit to that but what other reason is there?

It is nice to be able to have a high end gaming laptop, which can also have superior x86 computing power, or offer a chea[ performance boost via a CPU upgrade when the laptop gets to be older.

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