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So not so much a black box as one step from incar spy

So yet another attempt at consumer funded privacy invasion, if the idea was ever to improve safety then they would start with a driving examination that actually tested if you were safe to drive. Instead we have the way you drive to pass the exam and how everyone else drives once the have a license neither of which has safety being paramount.

So who is to blaim for these continuing attempts to remove your privacy and make you pay for it? You the apathetic majority are, if you do not take an interest in politics and the world around you then others who want to impose their will upon you are more than happy to make you pay for the priviledge of building your own prison.

Already your options are being limited because of data captured about you, data that you are not allowed to see or change. This will continue until either you take an interest or you forget there was ever any right to privacy.

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