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So we should make car seats out of razor blades. Also just say there is an airbag when there is not for 1 in a 100.

You'd drive safe just in case it was yours ;)

This reminds me of a sign I saw once. "This site is protected by shotgun security one day a week. You guess which one!"

will fall to the floor, trigger the sensor, and in conjunction with the fading pulse, a call will be placed to the ambulance service.

There are already apps for this. Realrider, designed for motorcyclists, has this:

Key sensors in your Smartphone look for changes such as rapid deceleration, tumbling motion followed by a period of non-movement. If your REALRIDER® app detects a crash, an alert is triggered.

If you’re OK, you can deactivate the alert to prevent your information from being sent to the NHS. If the alert is untouched, the phone will send your location, medical details and mobile phone number to the Ambulance Control Room.

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