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why the *EU* is trying to mandate this?

Maybe to try and help save lives?

Is it a free-trade issue? Required for international cooperation? Are some countries put at a disadvantage due to the imbalance of car sim devices?

One possibility is that by all EU countries having the same system, manufacturers can keep costs down ?

What number are they going to dial?

RTFA - 112

Who exactly are they going to report to?

Whoever answers 112!

Along with the sim device, will they need a GPS?

Unknown: But mobile phone networks can do a fair job of triangulating your position. Granted, it's not as accurate as GPS, but it'll get you close.

If you're on the Belgian side of the border but nearer a French hospital, who's going to help?

This has nothing to do with hospitals. It has everything with getting help (e.g. the police) out to asses the situation and call on whatever aid is required.

As to the point about picking up the wrong country's mobile network when near to a border: I suspect the authorities already have procedures in place for handling this: These devices aren't going to be the first to dial 112 near a national border on a mobile phone.

I see feature creep in the future.

On this point, I can agree with you.

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