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Adam Jarvis

Who thought a Synaptics Touchpad update could prove so evil?

Hours upon hours later, it turns out to be an evil Synaptics Touchpad driver 19.03 that killed Windows 10 build 10041. Actually no, it turns out Microsoft Recover support tools actually killed it and stupidly going down that road, with their abysmal support tools.

If I'd just plugged in a mouse into the laptop, on build 10041 none of this shit would have happened. How can a common touchpad driver be allowed to cause so much mayhem on a release build?.

I've used Linux to support Microsoft products since the 90's, and for once I stupidly decided (against my better judgement) to run MS recovery, be nice if it at least recovered booksmarks/download history from popular browsers. Too much to ask MS?

If it wasn't for Linux providing the sticking plaster every time for MS Products, Windows would have been thrown on the scrap heap long ago.

If you run into problems testing Windows 10, plug in a regular mouse, into your laptop before doing anything else and try booting again.

Or take it as given, Microsoft managed to not even test build 10041 with a touchpad driver before releasing? Says it all really. Almost seems like a planned sabotage by someone at MS.

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