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UK mobile coverage is BETTER than EVER, networks tell Ofcom

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It's worth knowing that an independent company are paid to perform over 30,000 test calls per month on the 'EE' network alone using custom build hardware that's in use on over 50 mobile networks worldwide. The raw data simply does not back up your statements.

Sadly, you're entirely wrong. I'm posting anonymously because I work for a company responsible for testing the mobile networks. The correlation between monthly charge and quality of service described earlier in the thread is absolute and accurate. There is a deliberate effort to try to "up-sell" contract terms by crippling cheaper service. All the networks do this, though EE are by far the worst.

Just like the railways are not compelled to transport you - even though you've bought a ticket - the MNOs contract terms are so convoluted and arcane that not even a Contract Lawyer can make sense of them, but the ultimate outcome is that they're not compelled to provide any service at all, even though you've paid for it! (Cross a Lawyer with the Godfather and he'll make you an offer you can't understand!).

The long and short of it is that the MNOs are laws unto themselves, and they're getting away with ripping off the majority of their customers. Their "hire purchase" agreements for handsets are usurious, their coverage is frequently deliberately crippled for most users, and they won't ever admit that they're in the wrong.

The whole thing stinks

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