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WiFi calling...

The past couple/few months, I've been getting ads/spam from my local cable co. about their wifi phone, in the NE US.

@ $10/month, (30 for non consumers) and a $100 (300 non consumer) moto G, you can yack, txt, d/l as much as you like (in their hot-sparseness)....

No coverage @ work, (most of my calls/txts) and I WILL NOT open MY personal/home WiFi to world+dog+++!

linky -


Granted, goggle, would also have cell reception - IF you/I could get a signal.

Working around A/C motors, in high frequency (Hz), inside a proverbial "brick sh.. house," with the associated noise - I'd be happy if I could hear and/or feel you call, no less hear you..

@ the tone, please.....

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