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Internet kingmakers drop ego, devise future of DNS, IP addys etc

Pascal Monett Silver badge

"the internet community is convinced"

Yeah, the internet community is also convinced that online petitions are actually useful.

I say no. Anything that is under the authority of ICANN is tainted and cannot be trusted, just as ICANN cannot be trusted to anything that its board thinks is contrary to its interests (hint: nothing to do with running the Internet).

The board of ICANN should be suspended, charged and tried for criminal entente, profiteering and not respecting its own charter.

Personally, I'd take them all behind the chemical shed to have them shot.

Put some new blood in there, someone who actually gives a hoot about the Internet and not just about lining his pockets. In this case, the enemy you don't know can't be worse than the ICANN board.

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