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And I completely agree with the practice. Just out of curiosity, what tape drive do you use on your personal PC at home ? Oh, none ? What I thought.

Your data backup solution is perfect for the business area, I've seen it used (and have been part of the support personnel for it) many times.

Now tell me how many home users you know make backups. Personally, I put that tally at 3 : myself and my two best friends. We are all computer-savvy, and two of us work in the IT industry. Even though, nobody I know uses tape. Optical backups are the norm in the home user area. Some mistaken souls use hard disks, they will find the error of their ways the hard way.

I doubt very much that the ransomware business targets mostly businesses. The home user is the biggest market, and one that is easiest to infiltrate because by definition home users are not computer-savvy and, generally, only become aware of the risk once they have been bitten.

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