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Adam Jarvis

The Fate of F8

My Windows 10 Install has finally died. Got to 10041, or between 10041 and the next one.

It was getting more and ropey as each sucessive build/update was applied, then failed, then reapplied. It really didn't help things attempting with switch between Fast and Slow builds. That's the easiest way to break the install, really don't do it.

Finally it would boot into Windows, freeze and die with a BSOD. I wish I'd read your comment earlier, spent hours backing up across a fast network (mega slow, even with A Samsung SSD) then attempting a 'refresh'. So called 'refresh' is about a useless as a chocolate teapot, as said, if Windows 10 has failed, it still will fail after a refresh.

F8 Safe boot is now hidden away, and it no longer 'safe boots', when all else has failed - like it did in the past-great. Progress. Also, no way to switch off fast boot in the safe menu? Just takes you round in circles to get to this menu now, a real pain. And so difficult to break out of this process to use an bootable USB key.

Windows 10 is the most amatuerish pre-release I've ever used from MS, there is no way this will be ready for 1st August, October 2015 for that matter. Shame Amazon have used the name Kindle, because in terms of Kindle, it seem to be the easiest of Windows builds to break.

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