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The Americans sure pay for their data: I use anything from 10 to 30GB per month for £15 in the UK

Yep, recently had a conversation with an American along similar lines. He couldn't believe it, properly gobsmacked! I told him that that's what you get when you win a revolutionary war of independence, that they only have themselves to blame for their weak and feeble government...

What they need over there is a good dose of UK / european style (and very nearly communistical) market regulation!

Mind you, if you think $10/GB is a lot, you should see what they pay in Japan. And if you go there leave roaming data on, be prepared for an apocalyptically sphincter tightening bill. £2000 in two weeks is not unusual for a busy business trip. If you ever go there be sure to rent a SIM at the airport with a decent data allowance, or better still pre-arrange one (£150 / week unlimited data is achievable).

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