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Of course... it would help if the suppliers of our hardware/software didn't rush out POS merchandise riddled with glaring vulnerabilities.

The highest wall in the world does nothing when you don't have any/adequate gates on the openings. and as a previous poster stated, it does nothing to thwart the guy INSIDE the wall from F'ing you. (Even if YOU are the one inside; ))

Rely on education and behavior, more than hardware or software. Good behavioral habits will remain your best defense. Don't trust the people telling you their crap is safe. It has NEVER been safe. Ever. EVER. With enough time, any security will be breached (not going into the whole "billions of years to break encryption X" or anything, I'm sticking with tangible numbers). If your behavior is such that your information is not readily available.... then when a breach does occur, you're still "safe."

It is the nature of the beast. Don't rely on someone else's product to keep you safe. Keep yourself safe and use someone else's product to make it more difficult for the less-skilled to gain access.

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