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While not using computers "unless you really have to" isn't feasible for a number of professions (yes, even outside of work), if you can afford it.. a cheapo laptop is definitely a good idea.

I set my parents up with a desktop and a laptop. Every time I go home to visit, I spend a few hours cleaning up the desktop. I had locked down the laptop with just the basic "needs" to facilitate banking, taxes, etc... Along with the built in UAC from MS, it runs watchdog and AV monitoring software. Limited to Firefox (modified + addons like ABP) as a browser, MS Office (couldn't convince them to use OpenOffice) without Outlook, WPA2 & MAC locked wireless, LastPass, etc... I also "trained" them to flip off the physical wireless toggle switch when not in use (in addition to turning it off, cause they're old and might forget one or the other).

Really.. one heck of a cheap investment. Doesn't need 16G of ram, 1TB of storage, the latest video card... nope. bare bones, cheap.

On top of the physical hardware separation, keeping a "secure" e-mail only related to banking/finances, an e-mail for family & friends, an e-mail for shopping, and an e-mail for signing up to misc websites or any "public" use. (Each was created to be easily identified by them)

Getting them to _NOT_ select "remember my payment details" was the most difficult.. but thanks to the recent breaches at Target, Home Depot, etc... It made it easier to "prove" why. (As well as getting them to use Pre-paid cards and PayPal in lieu of CC's)

That has cut their spam down a ton, as well as limited their exposure to phising e-mails.

There is a lot that a person can do. It takes a little bit of time, a little bit of money, and a little bit of getting used to.... but I sleep better knowing that I don't have to worry as much for them.

A cheap laptop for handling "sensitive" information + a password manager and properly configured user access is a good idea for anyone, required to or intent on, conducting financial affairs online.

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