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On the contrary

"Damn few people care about Win 10. "

On the contrary, I've had several people (who persuade themselves their old computer is slow because it's "getting old", when really they are running Windows so they have loads of viruses and spyware bogging them down), they know they can't get a new system with Windows 7, and they know they don't want Windows 8. And inexplicably they won't just ditch Windows even though they are literally doing nothing but web browsing (not even word processing...). They just couldn't wrap it around their heads that Windows 10 hasn't shipped yet, that it's effectively vaporware until the OEMs actually get it (since in the past, Microsoft has almost always stated the next Windows version will ship in the next 3-6 months, and just push that date back until it's actually ready.) They insisted they would find a machine with Windows 10 on it, I was like "Good luck with that".

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