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Thanks for all the Phish, KMcC

Hi, Kieran,

I think you will discover, just as any and all corrupt and perverted self-serving systems administrations also always eventually realise, that with specific regard to .... Why this matters to you and me: Remember all this next time you see a stupid law affecting the internet ..... are stupid internetworking laws naturally ignored and defeated by the disenfranchised masses and smarter entities and cause feeble minded conflicts and breed fabulous revolutionary outcomes.

And it is most odd and quite alien to believe that in the virtual place that is cyber space, governments and their supporting agencies hold any sway and credibility in the running and policing of the internetworking of things. It and IT are the postmodern version of a Brave New World and Wild Wacky West, where rules and regulations are reminders of things of the past which have nurtured and presented failures in the guise of media hosted successes trumpeted as progress. To think anyone has any viable remote command and control on novel and creative and disruptive and destructive intellectual property ….. and which in their most basic of phorms and phishes is the free sharing of imaginative and even revolutionary ideas ……. is clearly delusional and a sure sign of a lack of necessary intelligence in such systems admins to equitably deal with that particular peculiar space place and the effects that result down on Earth.

But that is not to say that things will be bad, for whenever one knows what one is doing and what needs to be done, can things be very good for virtually everyone who wants it to be so. And those that don’t want it to be so, can be easily excluded and isolated and left in a place for the attention of others who be equipped to deal appropriately with such as proves itself to be bad and a problem not worth having.

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