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on the internet

there is rather a lot of false-flag attribution for cyber-anything

if you ever get in your hand an important document for <<cyber-security prevention of world-war-3>>, it's quite a useful trick to look at all the made-up cyber-words, cyber-cruft, cyber-dingles then remove the "cyber-" replace with precisely nothing, and re-read the document to see if it still makes sense, and see if we still need radical new laws to protect us from something?

hopefully you might find a statement like:

increasingly cyber-criminals make cyber-attacks causing cyber-damage to cyber-nato requiring the investment of X-billion dollars to recruit cyber-police

which translates to, in the real world:

increasingly criminals make attacks causing damage to nato requiring the investment of X-billion dollars to recruit police

to which you can clearly see that we already have the police, they can arrest some of the non-aristo criminals, and the crime is solved, now we can spend the X-billion dollars on the NHS?

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