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Loose lips slip when Windows 10 ships: 'End of July' says AMD CEO


That sounds like a Mac Fanboy spouting off. The reality is that Windows is probably the best protected O/S, (because it has been hit so much with malware over the years) the virus writers will always target the biggest user base and until the rise of Android, Windows was that. It is so well patched now the virus writers are turning their attention to Android and Mac OSX and only trying to attack Windows via non-Windows O/S components like Java and Adobe Reader/Flash. The other tactic is to use social engineering to get users to allow the virus in, as most modern Windows Anti-Malware can keep the vast majority of viruses out.

I am amazed at how Android and Mac users believe that they are immune to viruses. These links suggest otherwise:

As the Mac becomes more popular so it will be attacked as it represents a worthwhile target for the virus writers. I really think you should lose your blinkered view that only Windows gets viruses and get real.

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