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I agree. I have a virtual machine testing Win10 and there is much that needs to be done, but probably won't be done because of the "cloud first, mobile first, customer last" approach Microsoft currently has.

There is still no option to enable full Aero. F8 is still disabled by default. (Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be slapped in the head every day for the rest of his life.) The search on the start menu searches with Bing first and THEN files, programs, and settings on the computer; Bing search on the start menu should be disabled by default. The start menu is not customizable; it is the Win10 way or the highway, unlike previous versions of Windows where you had a choice. There is still no full backup program. The repair installation -- what Microsoft calls an in-place upgrade -- only works when Windows is running; in Windows XP you could repair a non-bootable Windows with the disc, but starting with Windows Vista this was taken away.

But the thing that needs to be implemented more than anything else is a return of privacy. No collection of any data about me for any reason, no exception. No trying to trick or force me to log in with a Microsoft account. The anti-privacy features of Windows 10 is the reason why I'm sticking with Windows 7 until the bitter end. And I told Microsoft this in my feedback. But the shortsightedness of companies today means my feedback will be ignored. Microsoft is trying to find new sources of revenue while forgetting why they became so big to begin with.

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