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VMware fires Photon torpedo – a homegrown Linux for microservices


This approach is held to be a better way to scale than conventional tiered application models, with Google's two-billion-containers-a-week regime and Netflix's use of a containerised content delivery network often cited as validation for that assertion.

Personally whenever things like that are cited as evidence my gut reaction is that if that's the best you can come up with then their is no precedent at all. Things like NoSQL in particular come to mind there but let's get one thing straight: if you are in the position to be making decisions on things like this you are likely a much smaller shop. You are not Google, you are not Facebook, you are not Microsoft, and you are not Netflix.

These are massive companies with particular requirements. There may be at most fifty such institutions worldwide. What they need to do is on an entirely different scale to your much more humble requirements. Yes, they may use x, y and z but they have IT staff in the thousands and budgets in the billions: they have the resources available to keep the plates spinning on their sticks. You probably don't and unless they become available the comparison is not an appropriate one.

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