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What's that THUD sound? It's your Lumia's best feature after unflashing Windows 10


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Windows 8.1 seems to be slowly invading my household.

My 13yo has a Lumia 630 which came with 8.1 installed, she loves it - so who am I to argue.

We now have two Win 8.1 laptops in the house - with classic shell running over the top - both machines boot faster than they did under 7 but with classic shell mostly still feel like Win7 machines.

When renewing her mobe contract with Three, my wife was given an 'incentive' to stay with them - an Acer Iconia 8W - it too has 8.1 - oddly enough this is my least fave device - although with a Bluetooth mouse and Keyboard I can use it as a Word processor and it outperforms my old Asus 1015PX netbook (horrid Win7 Starter) and, although only an 8" screen rather than 10", the 1280x800 resolution is much more useful than the netbook's 1024x600 and it's just 'nicer' to look at too (which is useful when editing a novel))

Suum cuique, of course.

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