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When is a POS a POS?

Why does a POS system need to have a browser installed? Or any software not directly related to running the system?

The browser might be how the POS actually works. Besides, even even ATMs seem to be getting in on the fun.

I am in the middle of building a POS system for an annual non-profit event. For the client side, I am using Raspberry Pis set up as kiosks on a closed network. They will connect to a web server running a database back-end. This will all be on a closed network. This system will not handle credit card transactions as it is more cost effective to use third party kit for that. We will be handling quite a bit of PII, though, so the security concerns for this are not trivial.

At no point will any of the machines involved be allowed on the internet. I might be able to understand the use of a VPN to connect servers at one location to the home office, but cannot get my head around the idea that someone might think allowing the actual POS stations access to the internet would be a good plan.

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