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Re: 1982. AT&T stopped serving land-liines in Utah in 1982.

No, I have not been asleep. My view of the divesture, and then re-merging, of many companies that provide the in-ground wireline-to-residences services, and the point I am attempting to make, is quite sound:

AT&T, even with merging tons of companies over the last decades, more recently Southwestern Bell/SBC, Pacbell, SNET and others, DOES NOT have local-loop wireline infrastructure to houses in Utah.

Certainly, AT&T has re-formed, about 80% of what it once was. But there are stalwart former-baby-bells that will, very likely, not re-merge with AT&T: Centurylink, Cincinatti Bell, Verizon, among few others.

AT&T have not merged their way back into Utah - the point I was making.

Instead, Centurylink (through multiple divestures and mergers) now owns the Incumbent Git spot in Utah, and AT&T will never see wireline to houses in Utah, likely ever again.

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