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Stay with me on this but sadly I am of the opinion that since at least the 19th century the US has very much relied on brain drain (and unskilled labor) from other places as opposed to cultivating natural talent. Our university system is the greatest in the world not because it teaches Americans political science but because it draws the best and brightest foreigners from around the world who tell themselves its temporary but then get hooked by our popular culture and fairly easy life and end up staying. The one thing the US does 10x better than continental Europe is give immigrants (especially high skilled ones) the feeling that they can someday belong. In central Europe very much if you are not born there its hard to feel like you will ever belong. That is how you get 3rd generation Turkish immigrants in the ghettos who don't speak the local language. The trade off being in the US if your 3rd generation speaks your native language its probably because they learned it in school.

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