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And that time will never come since humans are fallible, and the bad guys only have to be lucky once... .... Charles 9

Please be hereby advised, Charles 9, in the fields of concern and areas of especial interest under discussion and the spotlight here, does luck play no part whatsoever. And do the bad guys only create ever increasingly destructive and disruptive problems for themselves.

And who are the bad guys nowadays, thinking to control things badly with the supply and non-supply of monies, which is a kind of great idea but only if it can be done correctly and paper currency and bank account balance figures continue to be perceived of as being valuable and not just a vehicle for the passage of pretty printed paper for consumptive purchase of assets and essentials to the masses/pretty worthless glass beads to the natives? ........Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World

And is a great deal more of the following what we all have to look forward to as greater intelligence and shared secretive information brings down castles built on shifting sands and hopeless dreams ....... ...... and when is main stream media going start reporting on the global scam that deludes and imprisons everyone with only a titter of wit? What on earth are the afeared of? The Truth? Or a wholly natural violent reaction from the masses to the lies that they have been feeding them since forever and a long time now, and all for the greater material benefit of a chosen few and a system which is corrupt and rigged?

Does the internet and world wide webs and alternate media sources have to do everything?

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