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The Shape of The Internet Of Things to Come ....

"Incenting more eyes to look for security bugs will help drain the offense stockpile, which is true, especially in less mature software …however, if an organisation operating in the open, and focused on defence, offered six figure sums for vulnerabilities, regardless of whether the bounties are for mature software or not, this would … create perverse incentives, especially for less mature software.

Such though is just the capitalist way, and easily corrupted and perverted and subverted to service and server a vast array of client bases which are invariably also always in competition with and in opposition to each other. Having all bases covered and provided for is a rich source of riches and quite the norm in those sectors which are drivering the virtual reality of media-related existences.

And an organisation operating in the open, and focused on defence, and drivering such futures which are realised as easily manipulated media-related existences are worthy of demanding and receiving multi-million/billion figure sums for the vulnerabilities which can be seamlessly invisibly exploited and expanded upon stealthily to ensure and assure remote virtualised command and control of leading players and actions with ……. well, let us just call it in the Cyber Space Field Place with Secret Safe and Secure Intelligence Services, AI NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT.

And a little something for the Digital Marketplace too? Or do you imagine that would be evidence of that service being infiltrated and exploited by that which it needs to purchase in order for its hosts and interdependent and interindependent service providers to survive and prosper in a New Orderly World Order Program and Global Operating Devices Project.

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