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1) You are of course correct.

2) Hardware spec. Garage PCs job is playing mp3s, streaming music from Planet Rock & other general browsing and running obd2 programs over bluetooth .I have a few elderly laptops lying around #1 struggling to run win 7 so i shut a few unneeded services and killed it. #2 I put ubuntu on it and was much more sprightly. Streaming Planet Rock no problem . Tried an mp3 and halfway through the track the machine had some sort of emblysm and i found myself wondering that the linux is for ctrl-alt-delete. "musicbox has suffered a blah blah blah ..."

3) I'll have a look for that python obd2 program. I doubt this machine has the power to run windows in a box if it cant run it natively. also i'd have to make sure the usb and bluetooth hardware was piped into the emulation , which would no doubt go wrong. Quite worried about getting usb & bluetooth working in the linux actually but Its probly not the first time its come up .

4) Maybe you should consider your own version theres possibly money to be made. People are still mostly under the delusion that if their engine light comes on its going to be a case of "Hooking it up to the big magic supercomputer at the main dealer and getting charged £100 upwards just to look at it" and that "cars are all computers these days not like they used to be" which is the equavalent of luddite office workers in the '70s and '80s saying "you'll never get me off the typewriter , at least i know where the tippex is with this"

The actual hardware interface for talking to your car is £7 on ebay

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