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Not so much worked up as wondering why there is so much focus on the "failings" of apple when Samsung products have disappointed me on such a wide basis that i wouldn't have another one as a gift due to abysmal battery life and buggy software.

You don't seem to see that for many the worth of something branded is not its Image... but its ability to fulfill the function or purpose that it serves, Aldi/Lidl have a decent range at good prices, My iPhone 6 performs well in all the things I use it for AND can last through my working day - which the previously owned unit didn't. My choice was driven by practicality, something that I could use and would remain useful through the day, the previous unit - allegedly offering more facilities did most things poorly and nothing outstandingly well (apart from running out of power)

Finally, your office isnt a representative sample - nor is any other workplace really,

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